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Posted on:January 1, 2021

Goals! Strategies! 2021!

Complete 40 books

How did I come up with the number 40? 40 doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you put it in a per-week basis, that’s somewhere close to a book per week. Do I feel like I’m anywhere close to that? I seem to have completed something like 13 books since September, so 40 is really just an extrapolation of that run rate.

I also haven’t quite decided which 40, but surely some of them will be Japanese. Most of them will come from my existing queue, but some will also be ad-hoc choices. I will also continue my effort to read more fiction.

Start French lessons

Hopefully I’ll reach a point this year where I feel comfortable stepping off the accelerator pedal for Japanese and start on French. I’ve also picked a few language learning skills along the way that should get me up to speed faster.

Try Olympic weightlifting

I must have spent more than a few hours in 2020 binging weightlifting videos, especially those about the legendary Chinese national weightlifting team. Makes me want to step into a gym and give it a shot!!


As someone who’s especially prone to hobbies that involve spending large sums of money and collecting material things, I hope 2021 (and beyond) will be a year of forbearance.

And above all, to stay happy and healthy, to love and be loved. 🎉