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Hi, I'm Siaw Young. I'm a software engineer at a (still unnamed) digital mortgage startup based in Singapore. Most recently, I took a year off to explore building products in the search space, as well as the generative AI/LLM space. Previously, I led the Company Solutions team at Forge Global. I also spent ~4 years at Carousell architecting and building out the server-driven UI system, and migrating the backend monolith to a service-oriented architecture.

I try to write about things that surprise me, pleasantly or otherwise. I also tend to write about particularly niche problems that I've had to figure out by myself (hot take: I don't think software engineers encounter these a lot in their day to day work).

Besides software-related content, I also occasionally write in or about Japanese.

I live in Singapore with my wife and two cats, Jojo (🐈‍⬛) and Dio (🐈). Yes, they're named after the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters.

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